About Us

Founded by childhood best friends Nikeisha Coulter and Bonnie Stokes in 2018. Tanouk is the result of our love for art & fashion all tied into one. 

Together, with Nikeisha’s creative direction and Bonnie’s Marketing background we have managed to create the perfect duo (we might be biased). We create with our love for conscious and sustainable fashion always in mind and the forefront of the brand. 

We like to consider our Tanouk team a creative community working together to bring you consciously hand-crafted pieces of art for you to love wearing.



All our designs are ethically and sustainably hand-crafted in Australia. 

We have always been conscious of creating a brand that is built on ethical practices and sustainable resources. Not only do we both believe natural based fabrics are so much nicer to wear but they are also better for the planet.

We know exactly where our items are made, who is making them and personally quality control each and every item before it leaves our small sewing team to be delivered to you. We intend to always be transparent about how and where we create our designs so you can feel apart of the journey. 

All our styles are packaged in bio-degradable bags to be shipped to you. We will continue to nurture and grow our sustainable practices for you and our planet.