Pronounced tah-nook;

A progressive Australian apparel and accessory brand driven by collaboration with artists and the creative experimentation of design.

Originally founded in 2014 by Nikeisha Coulter as a made to order womens clothing and accessory brand. In 2015 the label went on hiatus while Nikeisha travelled across South America discovering the roots of ancient textile manufacturing and art. Tanouk is set to relaunch in late 2017 as a ready to wear men’s and women’s apparel and accessory brand, bringing long time friend Bonnie Louise onboard to assist with the business and marketing side of the brand.

Together they have refocused the brand on community inclusion, culture and art. At the core of this is Tanouk Artwear, a collection based on collaboration with Artists, Photographers and Designers to create the brands unique textile and graphics designs.

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