Gisela Talita // Seductive Nature Collection

Gisela Talita // Seductive Nature Collection

Working with Gisela was such a great experience! She had a wealth of knowledge when it came to print creation making the experience so easy and enjoyable.

This is what Gisela had to say about her art and collaborating with us!

Tell us a little about you?

Hola! I am an illustrator and graphic artist based in Valencia, Spain. When I
finished my studies interior design, I just wanted to draw and paint. So I became
a self-thought illustrator and artist with a lot of work and dedication.

What is your style/medium of Art? 

My style is very casual. I leave my hand rolling the paper and (sometimes) pay
attention to details. I use acrylic paint and ink, it depends on what I want to
express at that moment.
I paint specially the animal and wild world with a lot of colors.

How do you feel about the collaboration with Tanouk for a fabric print? 

I wished for a long time ago to work with Nikeisha, Bonnie and Kate, and finally,
we get it together! With them I have been able to do a dreamed work, a leopard
pattern to apply on fashion.

Where did you get your inspiration from for your fabric print art? 

I have researched a lot of pictures of leopards to find the correct shapes and
postures. For the paintings inside the animals, I looked for inspiration in a
beautiful book from my studio of arquitecture ornaments.

What do you like about Tanouk as a brand? 

I love the Australian vibes. The fresh, the devotion for the sea and nature.
The smiles and the ruffled hair for the wind. For me, Tanouk represents a
the feeling of freedom and energy.


Want to see more from Gisela? Head over to her website!

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