Tanouk X Noah Smith

Tanouk X Noah Smith

Working with Noah was an incredible experience. We were able to collaborate and come up with something that would have not otherwise been possible. Noah not only is a great artist, he is also a stylist allowing him to see part the artwork and imagine it as an end product right the way through the design process.

We will let him tell you a little about his experience!

“Im a 20-year old originating from the coastal Port Macquarie. I draw my inspiration from spirituality and dreaming. I often Lucid dream so connecting the spiritual and vibrant nature of my dreams plays a big part in my influence. To have a brand see potential in you is so uplifting which was the case with Tanouk. I’m so grateful to have worked with Tanouk as creating clothing has always been a dream of mine. The girls, Bonnie and Nikeisha gave me full creative control but we were so effortlessly able to collaborate in creating something I’m so proud of.”

Want to see more from Noah?

Follow his Instagram @noah_090

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